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Chef... The cakes taste like heaven... I'm so happy I choose you guys. I'm soooo happy and everyone at home is soooo proud of me :) 

Ivy Mnisi

Amazing experience!

From the time we entered, the studio was clean and well laid out, all covid19 protocols were followed and we felt comfortable and safe to be there.  The parking is safe and convenient.  Warm hospitality from the time we entered with a very professional, attentive and helpful team present at all times.

A fun experience with lots of learning and helpful tips/ hints.  It encouraged the creative genius that we didn't know existed. 

The chocolate cupcakes were absolutely delicious.  My little one does not eat chocolate cupcakes but he finished 4 cupcakes he decorated.  

The sense of achievement and accomplishment is great, it really helps as a motivator for doing new things and bringing our cupcakes to a final product. 

A really fun experience for the whole family, I look forward to our next experience with Bakeology 

Sadna Gopi

I really had a wonderful time that day.  I wouldn't hesitate to tell people about Bakeology and the friendly chefs there.  

I was a bit nervous because of the accident we had the previous day but Thanks to you I made it out with a beautiful picture and some lovely cupcakes that


Thank you once again Bakeology

Abrigail Sibanda

I loved every moment in the Bakeology Studio.  They have helped and inspired me on my new journey and I'm forever grateful. 

The recipes are easy to follow and the Bake chefs explained every step from its scientific complexities to its logical outcomes. And boy, the outcomes were mouthwatering and very attractive I could hardly believe what I had achieved!

Thank you guys!!!

Katerina Riley

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