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Our Certified Baking Courses anyone wanting to learn to bake, decorate cakes and so much more. Classes are hands on and practical with support of theory notes and recipes. 


We offer a range of classes such as the Complete & Tiered Cakes and Cake Decoration, French Patisserie Pastries and Sugar craft: Plastic Icing & Gum-paste, Baby Shower, Birthday Cake and Wedding Cakes & Decoration.

You will learn the techniques, skills and tricks when baking cakes, decorating them and designing them based on different themes and learning objectives.  

We’ll have you baking like professionals in no time.  


We also offer a specialized one day baking class for anyone wanting to learn or make something that is not offered on the courses such as French Macarons. 

The spacious studio with individual Bake Stations opening onto a balcony offers a safe and clean space to learn and work in.


We have classes during the day, evenings as well as weekends.  See Certificate Courses Below


Contact a Bake Consultant for more info 

079 451 2516 


Cake Decoration  & Pastry School 

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Sponge Based Products 

Sponge Based Products 

Image by Showkat Chowdhury

Cake Pops,Popsicles


Chocolate Molds 



Cupcake, Buttercream & Cupcake Decoration 

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Beginners & Intermediate Cakes & Cake Decoration



Advance Cakes, Ganache & Fondant Cake Decoration

Sugar Craft
Cake Decoration

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Advance Cakes, Ganache & Fondant Cake Decoration 

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Introduction to Sugar Craft & Fondant


Edible Gum-Paste Sugar Flower 

Patisserie Products

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French Patisserie Pastry 


Biscuit & Cookie 

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Dough & Bread

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Bakery Confectioners

Baking Classes
Certificate Courses

Baking & Sugar Craft Decoration
Cookies & Royal Icing Decoration Certified Course
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