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Fresh Bread Composition
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Our Certified Confectionary & Patisserie Courses are designed for anyone wanting to learn to bake, decorate cakes and so much more. 


Classes are hands on and practical with support of theory notes and recipes. Each and Every Course is suitable for interested teens and adult.

You will learn the techniques, skills and hacks to perfect your cakes, design & decorate them based on different themes and learning objectives.  

Unlike other Trainings and Courses, you will make a variety of items in each class and course not one.  You get to take each step at a time and the best part is you take all your bakes home with you to



This is an investment in skills and perform all aspects and gain that first hand knowledge through experience in studio and in your class. 


 You are not expected to bring equipment or ingredients like fondant or pre baked cakes. 

The spacious studio with individual bake stations opening onto a balcony offers a safe and clean space to learn and work in.


For Full Time or Part - Time students, we have weekday, evening & weekend classes 

Cake Decoration & Pastry School 

Image by Jenny Galloway


I appreciated when the chef came by to chek and give guidance the additional tips made worth while to be there in the class.

I enjoyed the experience the staff made me feel welcomed. I could ask questions at any even time.

Michelle Whittal

Absolutely amazing friendly staff and love the chef  had a lovely time.

Our Services 

A Centre of Excellence 
The Art & Science of Confectionary & Patisserie


Workshops & Events

We invite you to join us and enjoy our hands on and fun baking classes over the weekdays & weekends.

If you are looking to learn something new, enjoy the process of doing something creative and spoil everyone at home with some goodies than these workshops are the best.


 Book a fun and super easy baking workshop with your friends or work colleagues and leave the rest to us.

We have classes suitable for all, no experience required, no need to prepare or bring anything with.


Kids & Teens 
Baking & Pastry Course 
Events & Parties 


Baking & Decoration Classes 

Baking & Decorating Classes are specifically designed for kids to enjoy the full baking process, enhance their application and motor skills whilst still remaining engaged, focused and full of excitement to see and enjoy their bakes

Most classes are arranged over the weekends.  

Parents can schedule a class during the week.  



Certificate Baking Courses  

Baking and decorating is calming and therapeutic.  Not only do you learn new skills and tricks and hacks to improve your baking ability but you will practice to be patient, focused and definitely gain self confidence while doing so! 

The Great Bakeology


Birthday Celebration

Host your kids birthday party baking workshop with us.  This is where not only do kids have fun, but they apply themselves whilst measuring and doing their mise e place, interact with each other, enhance their motor skills and learn to complete a task successfully that can be repeated!

 So lets Celebrate in Style 


Certified Baking & Pastry Courses 

Baking & Pastry Certified Courses are designed for certain learning objectives to be achieved in studio and replicated by you immediately.

Courses are a great way to learn extensive skills and techniques in a hands-on
environment and to get you to bake like pro


Our courses are run in a supportive and collaborative atmosphere. 


We provide everything on the courses and best part is you get to take all your bakes with you :)


Check out some of our most enjoyed courses  

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Making Your Journey Easy

Essential and Niche Equipment, Tools and Products, Ingredients available at the Studio. Bakers Pantry is here to make it a smooth and easy process to get your essentials and for you to get baking confidently. 

Freshly Baked Confectionary & Patisserie in Store.


"Join Us Every Last weekend of the Month for our Cake Table where all fresh bakes, breads and cakes will be available at super affordable prices from our Bakery"

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Customised Sugar Craft Figurines 

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Sugar Craft Figurines & Cake Toppers 

See our range in studio 

Orders take 5 days minimum 

Cake Decoration 

wafer paper.JPG
Wafer Paper 


Baking Layout
Variety of equipment - such as nozzles, tools, cutters, rollers, silicone molds, cookie cutters, macaron mats etc.


Wide range of Food Colouring: Liquid, Gel & Airbrush Colours 

Baking Ingredients 

Image by American Heritage Chocolate
Wide range of baking ingredients 

Cakes on Order

Image by Jenny Galloway
Order your Cupcakes & Cakes
Buttercream Cakes, Fondant Cakes & Bento Cakes 

Conctact us directly for an order 

Cake Decoration

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A4 Edible Printing (Currently Unavailable) 
Print required with clear guidelines 
can be emailed to 


Colorful Macaroons
Place your order for your Macarons individually made. 

We have a selection of macrons in store for purchase  


Enhance your Cake Flavours
Variety of flavorings - for frostings and desserts 


Image by Tetiana Bykovets
Dark, Milk & White Baking Chocolate -
Choc Chips & Choc Disks 
Making your baking journey easy 

Customised Sugar Flowers

Order your customised gum-paste flowers to compliment your cakes 

All confirmed order take up to 5 days minimum 

Baking Tools

Baking Tins.JPG
Long Lasting, Excellent Quality Baking Steel and Silicon Bakeware. We have number cake mold baking tins in various size 


Wide Selection of Assorted Sprinkles 


Pastrix for lamination & Bakels Whipping cream

Packaging & Boxes 

Box of Cupcakes
Various packaging for Cake Pops, Figurines and Cake and Cupcake Boxes 
  • How can I start learning to pipe cupcakes?
    You can start learning the piping technique by taking baby steps, getting a baking sheet, and start practicing patterns and designs. The baking sheet has a larger area to apply the piping, it also serves ease in correcting the mistakes and reapplying the solution. You can also make your own patterns with regular practice.
  • How do I pipe flowers on cupcakes?
    Practice is the key to achieving a perfect pattern on your cupcakes. Piping a flower might seem complex at first, as the circumference is shorter. You can first practice pattern-making on a baking sheet and further try it on your cupcake. You can use sprinkles on the top to make your designs appear more put together.
  • What tools do I need to start piping cupcakes?
    A piping bag is the most crucial tool in icing cupcakes and other baked eateries. You would also require disposable bags, icing tips, bag ties, sprinkles, food coloring cupcake containers, a spatula, cupcake pans, and more. You can also explore newly introduced kits and sets on the web and try them.
  • What is the cost of taking a cupcake course?
    The cost may vary depending on the course type and the platform. Online courses may cost you less as compared to offline courses. Bakeology Studio is a platform offering various baking courses at affordable rates with certifications. You can start from the beginner level and advance your baking skills as the course progresses.
  • What are the most popular cupcake piping designs?
    There are multiple piping designs that you can put on your cupcake to enhance its presentation. Flower piping is among the most popular piping patterns used on cupcakes. You can make a perfect icing pattern with regular practice. Designs can enhance the look of the cupcakes and make them look more appealing.
  • What type of icing is best for piping cupcakes?
    Buttercream is the best icing material for piping cupcakes, as it offers easy application consistency. It is easily blendable with food coloring and gives a beautiful finish. It gets fluffier as you beat it for a longer duration. You have to use icing for a better sweetness in your frosting.
  • What are the best tips for piping cupcakes?
    Use measuring pieces of equipment to get the best results. For piping the frosting on your cupcakes, it is crucial to do rough work first. This would ensure the right application of frosting on your cupcakes. It is important to make the patterns appear tidy for a good presentation. You can experiment with patterns or keep them subtle at your convenience.
Image by Deva Williamson

  Contact us 

 Upcoming Course & Availability 

 Bakeology Studio 079 451 2516

Bakers Pantry 079 971 2913


Bakeology Studio - South Africa's Best Baking School


Baking is as much of an art as it is cooking. And thus, it is hardly surprising that more people are aspiring to learn baking and pastry to master the art that lets them express themselves better. If you searched the internet for things like 'a baking school near me in South Africa, you would love Bakeology Studio.

With the rise of the food and hospitality industry in South Africa, baking has become a lucrative skill.

Bakeology - The Best Baking School Near Me in South Africa

Bakeology Studio is the best place for people looking for baking classes. Being the leading baking school in Johannesburg, we can offer a unique set of advantages that are not available with other institutes offering baking lessons near me.

Bakeology is perfect whether you wish to make a career out of baking or want to pursue a new hobby. South Africa's best baking teachers offer baking classes in Johannesburg. Bakeology Studio is the baking school that has the best bakers in the country on its team. Thus, when you take baking classes in Johannesburg from us, you shall learn from the most esteemed experts in the field.

Baking Classes Near Me with Fees That I Can Afford

For many people, the chief consideration remains to find baking classes near me with fees that are reasonable. Worry not, you can find many courses with budget-friendly baking course fees.

Baking Short Courses in Johannesburg for All

People of all ages look for baking courses near me, and we wish to be able to serve them all. Thus, we provide baking classes for kids, teenagers, and adults. Thus, you can help your children gain a skill that can give them a career option and act as a life skill or hobby, or you can pursue the courses yourself to get a career change or learn new skills.

Baking short courses near me to become a professional baker

For many, baking is not merely a necessity or hobby but an irresistible passion. If you are one such person, then taking our baking short courses in Johannesburg can help you make a living out of this passion as our classes will teach you how to bake different types of cakes with huge commercial demand, such as wedding cakes, birthday cakes, etc.

Bakeology Studio - Baker's Paradise

Located in the City of Gold, we have already become the most popular baking school in South Africa and are always willing to teach new talent. At Bakeology Studio, we consider baking an art that can create multi-sensual pleasures, including visual, gastric, flavour, olfactory, etc. Join our courses now so that you, too, can master this art and be a source of pleasure for your friends and loved ones and even have a chance to make a career out of it.

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