Baking Ingredients

Bakeology Studio is a centre of excellence and a culinary school in patisserie, baking and sugar craft decoration.  We are a patisserie studio designed to facilitate and offer world class baking classes that many baking schools do not do.  We want to keep baked products authentic and of high quality.  We clearly understand that this practice introduced to our participants and affiliates will change they way the bake and attend to clients need. 


We are driven by passion, excellence and our love for patisserie. 

Bakeology Studio is based in Melrose, Johannesburg, Gauteng,  In only a week, a life change can happen, our weekly globally inspired programmes are thoughtfully designed to give you a world class bakers experience to take this skill and turn into a small business.  


Our patisserie programmes have been carefully designed to provide you with the necessary knowledge, skills and equipment required during the preparation, baking and designing process of cakes, cookies and baked items as well as a variety of pastries and dough products.


We pride ourselves in maintaining a high level of cleanliness, safety and professional etiquette in the entire baking and patisserie preparation process and believe everyone who experiences this at the Studio will also put this in practice for their clients.  


We practice and share the key insights in safety and hygiene standards and requirements needed when working with cakes and baking products. 

Our studio's ambiance gives every individual the ideal baking experience to fully explore and indulge in creations.  

Baking Ingredients



Our Baking Classes


The duration of a programme is a week. Each programme is designed to provide you with both skills and insights into the science and art of baking and pastry as well as the practical experience of making and managing the baking process. ​

There are a variety carefully crafted recipes and different techniques.  There is always dedicated guidance along the way.   

Master the art of baking and pastry from basic cake baking to crafting your own wedding cake.

  • We offer Full time and part- time classes. 

  • Selected tools and equipment available at the studio. We also recommendations on sourcing tools and ingredients at great prices 

  • Personal one-on-one training, we are just a call away when in need of advise whilst you master your bakes at home

  • Access to Bakeology Studios tried and tested recipes and tips

We will also explore health and safety measures, cost analysis, pricing and packing, understanding and tailoring requirements for clients and food photography to build your online presence and market your business well.

All programmes are suitable for anyone who has a passion and interest in learning the art and science of patisserie and confectionery.

Fast track and up skill your talents in

  • Variety of Pastries found in a Patisserie 

  • Traditional and contemporary Doughs and Breads

  • Classic Cake and Contemporary Cakes 

  • Cake and Cookie Decoration

  • Detailed Sugar Crafts 

We provide you with all the recipes, ingredients and tools.  All the goodies you make are yours to take home and share with friends and family. 

You will obtain a certificate of completion at the end of each programme 


Our Workshops


Our workshops are open to anyone who would like to experience the patisserie studio baking experience.  We offer a fun and engaging environment in our patisserie studio every Saturday.  Hone your craft, as an individual or with friends and family, as you bring life to our tailored recipes.


We have a number of workshop throughout the year offering a wide range of delectable recipes.  We also have specialized workshops to address the more complex buttercream icing methods. 


Come spend a morning with us, let's bake from scratch, create some enjoyable moments and fully embrace the art and joy of baking. 


Our studio will have everything set up and ready for you to get baking with us.  Your beautiful creation, you will make on the day, is all yours to share with family and friends.

Watch this space, a little something special in store to create and make Mothers day and Fathers day memorable


Our Kids Workshops

We have a number of workshops where kiddies learn a whole variety of skills through: mixing, weighing, mashing, pouring and stirring.  These skills enhance motor development, listening and following instructions, speech development through engagement and conversation, perceptual skills, and sequencing skills. 


We create a fun and creative workshop environment.  We believe children when learning should be treated well and be given all the necessary information any chef would need to know.  So each of our junior chefs learn not only learn a new recipe, skills but also interesting facts and insights about patisserie. 


Kiddies between 11 years old and up are welcome to join. Kids below 11 will require further support as we keep the patisserie baking process as is, giving each kid the full experience in the process of preparation and baking.  Do reach out to a Bakeology Studio Consultant who will engage and book your kiddies place accordingly 

See our workshop schedule and secure your place.

Watch this space, a little something special in store to create and make Mothers day and Fathers day memorable



Terms of Service

  • Orders that have been placed will unfortunately not be refunded if not canceled 5 working day prior to your order date. 

  • Special orders will not be refunded. 

  • We do not have a registration fee we cover all the admin and support from inception and throughout.  

  • You will have access to all the equipment and tools required to administer the programme successfully. 

  • For the Sugar Craft and Decoration Programme, a basic cake decorator’s tool kit, which you will carefully and responsibly use throughout the various programmes.

  • Anyone above the age of 12 years old is eligible to attend the programmes

  • Minors below the age of 12 year seeking to explore their passion should be accompanied with an adult preferably a parent for a workshop

  • Minors under the age of 12 may not attend as the programme and equipment will not be suitable for their needs.

  • 60% non-refundable deposit is required to secure your booking for each individual program. 

  • Spaces cannot be held for students who have not yet paid a deposit.

  • The balance (40%) is payable before the commencement of the classes of the selected program. 

  • Individuals, who have not paid in full prior to commencement of the program they wish to attend, will not be permitted to participate in the programme running

  • Students who do not attend program, for which deposits have been paid, will forfeit the deposit. 

  • Any amount put as a deposit for a programme are non-refundable and not transferable to other programs.

  • Certificates of attendance will be issued for completed programs.  All classes in the specific program must be attended in order to qualify for the certificate.

  • Programme and class capacity is a maximum of 12 people.

  • There is no minimum needed for the programme to run. 

  • Each student learning journey is of utmost importance to us. The smaller the class the better one on one training provided.

  • In the event of a power outage or load-shedding that cannot be planned  for is not our responsibility.  We cannot guarantee or make up for any lost time.

  • Accommodation is not included in this course there is affordable accommodation in and around the area and we can assist in arranging and supporting you with your movement around.

You may refer to our terms of service