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How does the History of French Pastries and Desserts mark the beginning of the best desserts?

If we count back to how the previous meals went by, the desire to have a sweet course after a whole meal counts back to the old times. Previously, fruits and cheese were served after the food instead of dessert, but it failed to quench the people’s longing for something sweet. To mitigate the desire of these people, the French confectionaries were open. French pastries are a work of art. It takes a lot more than merit to become a French patisserie. People having that level of patience and dedication can register themselves for a French Pastry Course to learn the methods and techniques of making the best pastries in the world.

The iconic history of the most delicious French bakes:


It was a grave delicacy in Austria brought to Paris in the late 1830s by August Zang was responsible for finding the Boulangerie Viennoise in Paris. It is also known as Kipfel back in those days of history.


This dish was brought to the French in 1533 by Catherine di Medici, a noblewoman from Florence who married the future king of France, Henry II. Two nuns sold these macarons to earn a living in 1792 to pay for their household, and they gained popularity throughout.