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How does the History of French Pastries and Desserts mark the beginning of the best desserts?

If we count back to how the previous meals went by, the desire to have a sweet course after a whole meal counts back to the old times. Previously, fruits and cheese were served after the food instead of dessert, but it failed to quench the people’s longing for something sweet. To mitigate the desire of these people, the French confectionaries were open. French pastries are a work of art. It takes a lot more than merit to become a French patisserie. People having that level of patience and dedication can register themselves for a French Pastry Course to learn the methods and techniques of making the best pastries in the world.

The iconic history of the most delicious French bakes:


It was a grave delicacy in Austria brought to Paris in the late 1830s by August Zang was responsible for finding the Boulangerie Viennoise in Paris. It is also known as Kipfel back in those days of history.


This dish was brought to the French in 1533 by Catherine di Medici, a noblewoman from Florence who married the future king of France, Henry II. Two nuns sold these macarons to earn a living in 1792 to pay for their household, and they gained popularity throughout.

Kouign Amann

This cake originated in 1800 in Brittany, France. The word ‘Kouign’ stands for cake, and the word ‘Amann’ stands for butter. It has an elegant taste of a butter cake. It is a beautiful trinity of a complex taste containing a tasty, sugary caramelized combination of dough, sugar, and butter.

Puff Pastry

Internet sources say that Claudius Gele was a pastry chef responsible for creating the iconic puff pastry in 1645. It is a classic example of what technology looks like and how the best comes out of it.

Candied Chestnuts

The candied chestnuts, known as marron glace, are seasonal confectionaries that originated from southern France and Northern Italy. They are the best of all sweet delicacies that are much required and need a higher level of training to make it.

Crème Brulee

It is one of the most famous French desserts having a creamy smooth texture inside with a hard sugary coat on the top. It breaks while eating, creating the most satisfying sound that one can hear. The custard is made with high-quality products with a rich, creamy texture.


It is a cross between a pastry and bread dated back to 1404. One of the most required elements is the brie cheese which gives it a wonderful texture and an extremely good taste.


The French have perfected the art of making pastry, and it continues in the long run. Many have worked to replicate it, but all of them have failed to replicate it. There are no grave secrets for making such desserts. It is completely the patisserie making it. French desserts are the desserts that require long hours, dedication, and the strong will of the one making them. It is better to get oneself enroll in the French Patisserie Course to learn all the required skills to bake and make the pastries worth the time and effort.

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