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French Patisserie Pastries

Folding, Tempering, Rolling, Lamination ....

There is so much to learn in Pastries 

Begin with the Basics

Perfect your Techniques 

Image by Conor Brown
Image by Jordane Mathieu
Image by Dilyara Garifullina

French Patisserie Pastry Certified Course 



Come fall in love with French Pastries. Be able to make amazing French classics such as Croissants, Tartlets, Custard Slices, Profiteroles, Chocolate éclairs and Paris-Brest to name a few. 

Learn the fundamental techniques and how to make pastries.  Build your skills and techniques step by step and start cooking and baking like a professional pastry chef.

Looking to learn and perfect

  • Make a variety of confectionary & savory pastry items using puff pastry 

  • Understand and work an enriched dough

  • Practice and learn the techniques and methods of Lamination 

You will Make & Bake

  • Croissant Pastry Dough ​

  • Classic Croissants​

  • Pain Au Chocolat​​​

  • ​Butter Puff Pastry 

  • Mille-Feuille /Custard Slices

  • French Pastry Cream 

  • ​Chantilly Cream

  • Diplomate Cream

  • Cream Horns ​

  • Basic Enriched Dough 

  • Cinnabons ​with glaze

  • Frangipane

  • Rose Des Sable Au Chocolat​

  • Chocolate Eclairs​

  • Choux à la Crème ​/ Choux Pastry ​

  • Classic Eclairs ​ + Paris-Brests​​ +Profiteroles  

  • ​Pâte Sucrée / French Sweet Short-Crust Pastry ​

  • Milk Tart​​ + Classic  Milk Tart Filling​

Skills & Techniques 

  • Viennoiserie / Enriched Yeast Leavened Pastry Dough

  • Preparation of enriched dough

  • Lamination techniques and method  

  • Designing and decorating French Patisserie Pastries ​

​Level of skills learnt: Beginners & Intermediate

Duration: 2 or 3 Day Certified Course 

Time: 09:00 to 15:00

Course Fee: R6,900

Suitable for: Anyone that enjoy pastries,

                      and are looking to learn the science

                      and art of pastry, will love this course

                      and all the pastries you will be


Requirements: No previous knowledge or experience. 

SACA Certificate of Completion & Achievement will be made available upon request. ​​

Booking is Essential

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  • How can I start learning to pipe cupcakes?
    You can start learning the piping technique by taking baby steps, getting a baking sheet, and start practicing patterns and designs. The baking sheet has a larger area to apply the piping, it also serves ease in correcting the mistakes and reapplying the solution. You can also make your own patterns with regular practice.
  • How do I pipe flowers on cupcakes?
    Practice is the key to achieving a perfect pattern on your cupcakes. Piping a flower might seem complex at first, as the circumference is shorter. You can first practice pattern-making on a baking sheet and further try it on your cupcake. You can use sprinkles on the top to make your designs appear more put together.
  • What tools do I need to start piping cupcakes?
    A piping bag is the most crucial tool in icing cupcakes and other baked eateries. You would also require disposable bags, icing tips, bag ties, sprinkles, food coloring cupcake containers, a spatula, cupcake pans, and more. You can also explore newly introduced kits and sets on the web and try them.
  • What is the cost of taking a cupcake course?
    The cost may vary depending on the course type and the platform. Online courses may cost you less as compared to offline courses. Bakeology Studio is a platform offering various baking courses at affordable rates with certifications. You can start from the beginner level and advance your baking skills as the course progresses.
  • What are the most popular cupcake piping designs?
    There are multiple piping designs that you can put on your cupcake to enhance its presentation. Flower piping is among the most popular piping patterns used on cupcakes. You can make a perfect icing pattern with regular practice. Designs can enhance the look of the cupcakes and make them look more appealing.
  • What type of icing is best for piping cupcakes?
    Buttercream is the best icing material for piping cupcakes, as it offers easy application consistency. It is easily blendable with food coloring and gives a beautiful finish. It gets fluffier as you beat it for a longer duration. You have to use icing for a better sweetness in your frosting.
  • What are the best tips for piping cupcakes?
    Use measuring pieces of equipment to get the best results. For piping the frosting on your cupcakes, it is crucial to do rough work first. This would ensure the right application of frosting on your cupcakes. It is important to make the patterns appear tidy for a good presentation. You can experiment with patterns or keep them subtle at your convenience.

Become a Successful Pastry Chef with Pastry Course from Bakeology Studio


While we all love all types of baked items, pastries occupy a unique place among various bakery products. They are tiny, delicious, and affordable cakes. Ever dream of learning to bake pastries?


Pastry Course


If you also like to make delectable pastries, you may be interested in a pastry course near me, and Bakeology offers the best among all such courses.


What Do I Need to Know While Looking for Pastry Classes Near Me?


When someone is looking for pastry classes near me, they can go with Bakeology Studio. We are the premier school of baking in entire South Africa.

Pastry short courses

We offer baking and pastry classes in courses that help you learn what you wish to in short bursts. The courses are perfect for those who need to add a skill while still working as bakers or indulge in baking every now and then. Moreover, the pastry short courses fee is lesser for these courses making them easily affordable.

French pastry course

When looking for baking pastry classes near me, people are often interested in learning to make French-styled baking. Bakeology Studio offers suitable pastry classes for that.

Patisserie courses for beginners

New to baking pastries? Bakeology Studio has just the perfect pastry course classes to learn this excellent skill. Classic Croissants, Pain Au Chocolat, and Butter Puff Pastry are some pasties you will learn to make in the Pastry Course.

Advantages of Enrolling at Bakeology:

Courses for everyone

Bakeology Studio was created with the belief that baking is an art everyone should pursue. Thus, we provide pastry courses for people of various age groups.

Pastry decorating classes

A third of the beauty of pastries is in their decorations. And thus, our course focuses on creating excellent decorations for your pastries that shall enchant people with their looks even before they have had a chance to try them.

Get trained by the best bakers in the country.

Our team comprises the best bakers in South Africa who have an established genius in baking different types of pastries and adding various types of decorations to them.


Much like our courses, our pastry courses come with a certification. This certification is recognized across various industries across South Africa's commercial environment and thus will help you find employment easily.

Other courses

If you like our pastry courses, you shall also love us because we offer courses in all forms of baking, including cakes, cake decorations, fondant cakes, cupcakes, and cupcake decorations. You can always come back to add another skill to your arsenal by taking another course with us. Given all these advantages, it should be amply clear if you are looking for pastry classes near me, you can't do better than Bakeology Studio.

Our Pastry Course Fee

People often want to go with a pastry course near me with a fee that is reasonable and budget-friendly. The pastry course fee of Bakery Studio is exactly that. So, if you are looking for excellent pastry classes with a budget-friendly pastry course fee, just go with Bakeology Studio.

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