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Introductions to Sugar Craft 
Fondant Cake Decoration

Never worked with fondant before

Well, here you go! 

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Introduction to Sugar Craft
Fondant Cake Decoration Certified Course 



What are novelty cakes, they are cakes designed around a theme such as lego, micky mouse, Peppa pig or pop it cakes.  It can certainly be the most frustrating aspect of cake-making, and demands quite a lot of know how to get it right. 

Plastic Icing / Fondant on a cake can sometimes be overlooked. But it can make or break a design.

  • A professional looking cake is only possible once the outer layer has been perfected. 

  • A perfectly covered cake is a beautiful blank canvas which lets your decoration and design truly shine. Once you’ve mastered this, you are able to continue and add variety of designs and figurines that give your cake a vibe!!!

Looking to learn

  • Plastic Icing / Fondant Cake Decoration 

  • Plastic Icing / Fondant Figurines / Cake Toppers 

  • Design Novelty Cakes 

You will Bake & Make 

  • Cover dummy cakes 

  • Bake a Cake 

  • Cover a Baked Cake 

  • Various Figurines 

  • Core focus on use and designing with own hands 

  • Not many molds used


Sugar Craft Decoration ​

  • 3 final and complete sugar craft cake designs 

       (Dummy Cakes will be used & 1 Baked Caked

        of course)​


Skills & Techniques 

  • Plastic Icing Techniques

  • Sugar Craft Cake Decoration  

  • Fondant Cake Toppers 

SACA Certificate of Completion & Achievement provided upon request at an additional fee. 

Level of Skills Learnt: Beginners & Intermediate 

Duration: 2 Day Certified Course 

Time: 09:00 to 16:30  

Course Fee: R4,500 (Price increase from March 2023)

                 (View the Calendar for for upcoming dates -

                 Viewable on PC / Desktop or WHATSAPP:

                 Calendar: Sugar Craft Fondant Course) 

Based on much feedback and numerous request, course will remain 2 days. 

Suitable for: Anyone currently a beginner baker or

                      has a fair level of baking experience.

                      Looking to expand their skills in

                      sugar craft and plastics icing. 

Requirements: No previous knowledge or




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Excel In Fondant Cake Decoration with Bakeology Studio


Cakes have been around for a long time. They have always been a part of traditional celebrations like weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, parties, etc and now we cannot live without them. However, fondant cakes are unique and have a specific aesthetics to their design  and are sparking a broad interest, which is also the reason behind the increasing popularity of fondant courses.


Taking a sugarcraft class is an excellent way of learning the craft of using fondant and exploring the creative opportunities it offers.


Fondant Cake Decoration

Ever wonder what a fondant is? It is a type of sugar paste. You can make fondant from ingredients like sugar, water, gelatine, etc. A fondant making class focuses on their use in making cakes. A fondant cake is a cake that is covered in a smooth, thick layer of fondant. It can be flavoured and coloured, making it perfect for decorating cake. Fondant creates possibilities for creating fondant cake designs that are not possible otherwise.

Our Fondant Cake Course

The following are some of the things covered in our course:

Sugar Craft Cake Decoration

Unlike some other food items, decoration is an inherent part of cake preparation, and that is why our sugarcraft course combines with teaching fondant decorations. These decorations take various forms, including figurines, and all of them are made by hand with very little use of moulds for the purpose.

Fondant Classes for Beginners

If you have doubts about your artistic skills, you can begin with our fondant decorations for beginners. These focus on simpler yet beautiful items, including fondant flowers for beginners. The sugarcraft for beginners will be simpler, and tasks will slowly become more challenging.

Using Plastic Icing

You will also learn about using plastic icing - another common element for cake decorations. We offer holistic plastic icing decoration training with certificate.

Reasons for Going with Our Sugarcraft Course

The following are some of the chief advantages of taking our services:

Courses for Everyone

We offer lessons in fondant modelling for beginners and those who may already have acquired some skill in the area.

Learn from the best

At Bakeology Studio, you get a chance to learn fondant cake decoration from the very best in the industry.


All our courses are certified. And thus, you get plastic icing decoration training with certificate, or you can go with beginners cake decorating course with certificate. This will be the reputable SACA Certificate of Completion & Achievement.

Online classes

We also offer fondant classes online; thus, you can learn from the comfort of your home.

Budget-friendly Sugarcraft Course

People often want to go with sugar craft cake decoration courses at budget-friendly prices. And Bakery Studio stands out among other classes in terms of fees also.

Plastic Icing Decoration Training with Certificate and Much More

We offer all types of cake decorating courses with certificate. You can learn multiple skills from us one by one. Apart from the fondant cake course, we also offer courses on cakes, cupcakes, pastries, etc., and their decorations. So, if you are looking for an excellent fondant cake course with a budget-friendly pastry course fee, go with Bakeology Studio.

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