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Cupcake, Piping & Buttercream Flower Decoration Course

Begin Your Journey

Piping is most essential 

This is how you create various Cake and Cupcake Designs 

Suitable for all


Complete Cupcake, Piping & Buttercream Flower Decoration Course

All you need to know to Master the Art of Buttercream, condensed into super easy-to-follow. We teach you the essential buttercream skills for filling, icing and decorating.  To explore buttercream to its fullest, there is no better way than a variety of piping techniques and decoration on cupcakes that can also be done one cakes.

  • It may seem like everyone you see online has mastered that flawless finish and beautiful buttercream design techniques.

  • You should be able to create these buttercream beauties too and work confidently with buttercream to get a flawless finish every time.

Looking to learn 

  • Elegant and contemporary Cupcake Designs

  • Moist Cupcake Recipes

  • Variety of Buttercream Piping Techniques ​

You will Bake & Make 

  • 12 Vanilla sponge cupcakes 

  • 12 Red Velvet sponge cupcakes 

  • 12 Blue Velvet sponge cupcakes 


Recipes Included 

  • Chocolate sponge cupcakes (Batch of 12) 

  • Vanilla sponge cupcakes (Batch of 24)



Piping Techniques Suitable for Cupcakes & Cakes

  • Flower Bouquet 

  • Classic Nozzle

  • Russian Nozzle 

  • Ombre Buttercream Design 

  • Buttercream Roses 

Skills & Techniques 

  • Over 15 various Piping, Cupcake Designs and Designs for Cakes

  • Buttercream Frosting Designs

  • Buttercream Flowers & Leaves ​

Level of Skills Learnt: Beginners, Intermediate & Advance

Duration: 1 Day Certified Course 

Time: 09:00 to 17:00  

Course Fee: R3,900 (Price increase from March 2023)

Suitable for: Anyone currently a beginner

                     baker or has a fair level of baking


Requirements: No previous knowledge or


SACA Certificate of Completion & Achievement will be made available upon request. An additional administration fee will apply.

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Learn All About Cupcake Piping with A Course from Bakeology Studio


Cupcakes are one of the most delicious and mouth-watering treats - the very mention of them is enough to give one a craving for them. When it comes to cupcakes, cupcake piping, of course, is a valuable skill that needs a lot of learning. That said, every person passionate about baking will learn to love the same.


Cupcake Piping Classes


Luckily, you can easily learn the art of cupcake piping through classes given on the subject at Bakeology Studio.


Advantages of Our Cupcake Piping and Cupcake Decorating Classes

Due to our ability to produce excellent bakers at reasonable cake piping lessons fees, we are the most proffered bakery school in the country. If you are about to start a course on learning cupcakes, the following are some of the advantages of going with our cupcake decorating classes:

Cupcake Course for Everyone

Everyone loves cupcakes, and thus everyone should learn how to make them. Bakeology Studio, thus, offers courses for people of all age groups.

Cupcake Decoration Course

One of the reasons for the popularity of cupcakes is their visual appeal. Our cupcake design classes will help our students ensure that they can make cupcakes that shall appeal to set eye on them. The designs commonly used in commercial circles are also covered. For example, there is a buttercream flower class. Classic Nozzle, Russian Nozzle, and Butterfly Rose are some of the other designs you will be working on.

Holistic Course

Our courses will have a cupcake making class for all types of cupcakes, including vanilla sponge, red velvet sponge, and blue velvet sponge cupcakes. Chocolate sponge cakes are also included.

Our Cake Piping Classes are Taught by The Best

The biggest source of our ride is our team. You will find yourself studying from the leading bakers of the industry during our cupcake making course.

Get Certified

At the end of the course, you can request a SACA Certificate of Completion & Achievement, which is widely recognized across the industry though your skill will speak for itself as well.

Other Courses

Apart from the cupcake piping, we also offer courses related to cakes, fondant decorations, pastries, etc. To put it shortly, we are a bakery school where students can learn all the primary baking skills for reasonable fees whether it is cupcake course fees or other such fees as the case may be.

Our Cake Piping Course Fees

If you are concerned about our cake piping classes fees, you need not worry. We charge very competitive cake piping course fees. The cupcake decorating classes fees are actually nothing when compared to the value given. Further, the cake piping course fees will be paid back if you intend to use the skill professionally. You should consider cake piping classes fees as an investment bound to generate handsome returns. So, if you are looking for a certified course with cost-effective cake piping classes fees, contact us.

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