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Cakes & Buttercream Cake

This is taking Baking and Decoration a notch higher 

Designing Beautiful Stencil, Fault line Birthday Cakes

Drip Cakes & Working with Topper


Cakes & Buttercream Cake Decoration Certified Course 

The Ultimate Course for Birthday Cake & Celebration Cakes. Learn the baking methods, recipes, & essential tips and techniques covering the art AND the science of baking sponge based products and perfecting buttercream cake decoration.  All the skills are techniques required to make attractive, modern and elegant cakes.

Looking to learn 

  • Marble Effect Cake

  • Fault Line Cake

  • Tall Cakes with Buttercream & Sharp Edges 

  • Buttercream Classic Piping 

  • Isomalt Cake Toppers

  • Perfect you Buttercream Frosting. Make your very own well balance and stable Frosting / Icing

You will Bake & Make 

  • Churro Muffins 

  • Buttercream Frosting 

  • Mini Cakes 

  • Bento Cake

  • Vanilla Sponge Cake 

  • Carrot Sponge Cake

  • Chocolate Sponge Cake

  • French Inspired Lemon Zest Sponge Cake 


Introduction to Cake Toppers  

Cake Topper Decoration 

  • Isomalt Designs 

Skills & Techniques 

  • Decorate Buttercream Cakes

  • Fault line Buttercream Techniques 

  • Layers Sponges  

  • Crumb Coating 

  • Secure with Dowels 

  • Sharp Edges 

  • Isomalt Cake Topper


Level of Skills learnt:  Intermediate 

Duration: 3 Day Certified Course 

Time: 09:00 to 16:00 

Course Fee: R6,500 

Suitable for: Anyone currently a beginner

                     baker or has a fair level of baking


Requirements: No previous knowledge or



Includes your SACA Certificate of Completion & Achievement

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Find The Best Cake Decoration Courses in South Africa @ Bakeology

Cakes are a part of our traditional celebrations, including birthdays, weddings, etc. Although they are an absolute delight in abakery, they also have an aesthetic appeal because of cake decoration. That is why there is a continuously increasing interest in cake decoration courses.


Cake Decoration Courses


As the name suggests, cake decoration courses focus on decorations placed on the cakes. These include various designs that may help students establish themselves in the market with a baking business, assuming they know baking.

Cake Baking Courses

Cake baking courses focus on baking cakes rather than decorating them. Often students want to learn both baking and decoration of cakes, and thus, we highly recommend when you search for cake baking classes near me with fee, you should ensure the course covers both.

Best Cake Baking & Decorating Classes Near Me

While we are on the subject of cake baking & decorating classes near me, we may as well answer the question - Bakeology Studio offers the best cake baking & decorating classes near me.

Cake Decorating Courses with Certificate

We offer the best cake decorating courses with certificates and cake baking courses. These courses shall help you learn all about baking and decorating. Our cake decorating certificate and cake baking certificate are both recognized throughout the hospitality and baking industry, and thus it shall help you quickly find employment in the sector if that is your object for taking our cake baking courses.

Cake Baking & Decorating Courses Fee

Another reason to go for our cake decorating courses with certificates is that it costs so little. We charge the lowest cake-baking & decorating courses fee in South Africa for the equitable course.

Courses for All

Baking and decorating cakes is a skill that everyone should process, and based on this principle, we provide courses for people of all ages. So, whether you are interested in baking or looking for a course for your child, we have you covered.

Reasons To Get Cake Baking Classes from The Best

Though you pay a cake baking & decorating course fee, you will learn from the industry's best baking experts and obtain skills for a lifetime. Our faculty comprises experts in delicate decorations as well, including buttercream cake decoration, among others. It is important to learn decorations even as you search for the cake baking course near me, as all commercial bakers are expected to know the art of decoration. With the flourishing food, catering, hotel, and hospitality industries in South Africa, cake baking and decoration is a skill that is getting increased demand. There is thus a great chance of making a career out of it. Further, even if you are only taking cake baking lessons to pursue it as a hobby, you will not want to let go of a chance to learn the skill that shall add a visual appeal to your art of baking.

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