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Bakery Confectioners Course

They say bread will get you on your feet but its confectionary that will make you money. 

Starting a bakery is an exciting project!

Start with Learning, Understanding and Planning

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Image by Ananth Pai
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Bakery Confectioners Certified Course 



We got you. Are you interested in baking, are you keen on learning the ins and outs of baking methods for large quantities and production volume. Are you looking to start a small business, are you a baker who is ready to start a bakery business.  This course is for anyone interested in understanding the bakery confectioners baking process and ingredients. 

They say bread will get you on your feet but its confectionary that will make you money.  Starting a bakery is an exciting project! Learn all the requirements,  tips, tricks and secrets required to in a bakery. 

Looking to learn 

  • The key procedures for baking depending on scale

  • Work with various ingredients used in a commercial setting 

  • Make a variety of sponge based products

  • Use various piping skills to create decorative bakery cakes 

You will Bake​​​

  • Scones​​

  • Chelsea Buns ​​

  • Madeira Cakes ​​

  • Chocolate Muffins ​​

  • Queen Cakes​

  • Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Icing  ​

  • Vanilla Sponge Cake  & Buttercream Icing ​

  • A Bakery Premix for home baking


Skills & Techniques 

  • Process to making items found in a bakery. 

  • Breads, scones & cake items 

  • Learn more in- depth details of mass production  

  • Bakery Business Plan 

  • Bakery Start Up Checklist ​

​Level of Skills Learnt: Beginners, Intermediate & Advance 

Duration: 2 Day Course 

Time: 09:00 to 16:00  

Course Fee: R6,500 

Suitable for: Anyone! ​

Requirements: No previous knowledge or



SACA Certificate of Completion & Achievement will be made available upon request.

Booking is Essential

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  • How can I start learning to pipe cupcakes?
    You can start learning the piping technique by taking baby steps, getting a baking sheet, and start practicing patterns and designs. The baking sheet has a larger area to apply the piping, it also serves ease in correcting the mistakes and reapplying the solution. You can also make your own patterns with regular practice.
  • How do I pipe flowers on cupcakes?
    Practice is the key to achieving a perfect pattern on your cupcakes. Piping a flower might seem complex at first, as the circumference is shorter. You can first practice pattern-making on a baking sheet and further try it on your cupcake. You can use sprinkles on the top to make your designs appear more put together.
  • What tools do I need to start piping cupcakes?
    A piping bag is the most crucial tool in icing cupcakes and other baked eateries. You would also require disposable bags, icing tips, bag ties, sprinkles, food coloring cupcake containers, a spatula, cupcake pans, and more. You can also explore newly introduced kits and sets on the web and try them.
  • What is the cost of taking a cupcake course?
    The cost may vary depending on the course type and the platform. Online courses may cost you less as compared to offline courses. Bakeology Studio is a platform offering various baking courses at affordable rates with certifications. You can start from the beginner level and advance your baking skills as the course progresses.
  • What are the most popular cupcake piping designs?
    There are multiple piping designs that you can put on your cupcake to enhance its presentation. Flower piping is among the most popular piping patterns used on cupcakes. You can make a perfect icing pattern with regular practice. Designs can enhance the look of the cupcakes and make them look more appealing.
  • What type of icing is best for piping cupcakes?
    Buttercream is the best icing material for piping cupcakes, as it offers easy application consistency. It is easily blendable with food coloring and gives a beautiful finish. It gets fluffier as you beat it for a longer duration. You have to use icing for a better sweetness in your frosting.
  • What are the best tips for piping cupcakes?
    Use measuring pieces of equipment to get the best results. For piping the frosting on your cupcakes, it is crucial to do rough work first. This would ensure the right application of frosting on your cupcakes. It is important to make the patterns appear tidy for a good presentation. You can experiment with patterns or keep them subtle at your convenience.

Master the Art of Baking from the Best Bakery Schools in Johannesburg, South Africa


If you ask the best bakers in the world, they will tell you that baking is an art learned with devotion and proper training. Thus, if you are interested in a career in baking, you must go for the best bakery schools in Johannesburg South Africa.


People looking for bakery classes near me to pursue even a hobby should go to the best institutes. Either way, Bakeology Studio is the best place to get bakery & confectionery courses.

Why We Are the Best When Looking for Bakery Classes Near Me

If you are looking for bakery classes near me, you will be glad to know that Bakeology Studio offers the best classes in your city, Johannesburg. These courses will prepare you for a career as a baker or confectionary owner. Baking is a highly desired and well-paid skill in several sectors, such as food, hospitality, shipping, and tourism. Taking our bakery training courses in South Africa shall help you find a good start to your career in these industries.

Bakery & Confectionery Courses with a Holistic Approach

Unlike some other bakery schools in Johannesburg South Africa, we take a more systematic approach to the training of our students that is more holistic and covers different aspects of baking. Our ability to bring the hidden baking art out of students makes us the best among bakery schools. Our bakery classes are given by teachers who are true geniuses of baking themselves and, thus, are uniquely positioned to give bakery courses in Johannesburg. Moreover, our bakery learning classes are available for students of all ages. As long as you are eligible, you can attend our bakery courses & training and thus master a skill that can make both a great hobby and an excellent option for a career. Our bakery certificate course can also help let you set up your business. All those advantages are available for nominal bakery course fees.

Reasonable Bakery Course Fees

Of course, bakery course fees are essential to consider when choosing the school. Our bakery schools fee is very competitive and will let you finish your course at reasonable prices. Our confectionery course fee is also very reasonable. Both bakery & confectionery courses are holistic and cover skills desirable for working at commercial levels.

Bakery Training Course with Certificate

It is vital to go for a bakery training course with a certificate as a valid certificate is what helps you get your dream job.

Other Options

Bakeology offers all types of courses relating to baking - cake baking, pastries, cake decorations, fondant cakes, cupcakes, etc. You can learn all skills required to become the perfect baker here.

Bakeology Studio - A Baker's Heaven

In a nutshell, Bakeology offers a bakery training course with certificates recognized in all industries employing bakers with budget-friendly bakery course fees. So, if you are interested in a bakery and confectionery certificate course, look no further and apply for the best at Bakeology Studio.

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